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10 Well Known Hip-Hop Artist Who Died Soon At an Early Age

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Eric Lynn Wright(Eazy-E)
Died on March 26,1995 From Complications of AIDS.
He was 31 Years Old.


Tupac Amaru Shakur(2PAC)
Died on September 13,1996 After being fatally shot in a drive-by.
He was 25 year Old.

The Notorious B.I.G.

Christopher George Latore Wallace(The Notorious B.I.G.)
Died on March 9,1997 After being gunned down.
He was 24 year Old.


Lamont Coleman(BIG L)
Died on Februrary 15,1999 After being shot 9 times in a Drive-By.
He was 24 years Old.


Christopher Lee Rios(BIG Pun)
Died on February 7.2000 after a fatal heart attack.
He was 28 years Old.


Aaliyah Dana Haughton
Died on August 25,2001 in a plane Crash.
She was 22 years old.

Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes

Lisa Nicole Lopes
Died on April 25,2002 in a fatal Car  Crash.
She was 30 years old.

OL' Dirty Bastard

Russell Tyrone Jones(OL' Dirty Bastard)
Died on November 13,2004 from a drug overdose.
 He was 35 years old.

J Dilla

James Dewitt Yancey(J Dilla)
Died on February 10,2006 from Complications of rare blood disease and lupus.
He was 32 years old.


Deshaun Dupree Holton(Proof)
Died on April 11,2006 after being gunned down.
He was 32 years old.

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