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Brothers Anthem - English Translation Lyrics | Brothers

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Lyrics Start From Here :

If there's darkness in the pieces
You'll shine like your own star
Go and knock the heaven's door
You were alone till now
You're about to be completed
Go and cross the limits
If there's the will there's a way
You have to understand that
There's nothing impossible
If you make your decision

woo..oo..oooo..o o ooooo....

It's time to strap your belt
Everything is under your control
You have to walk on your broken heart
Harvest the crop of your power

Your karma is in your hands
You have warm blood to work hard
Don't miss any aim
Keep your best foot forward

You are a weapon in yourself
Always ready to fight no matter what
Openly proclaim your strike
Because your destination loves you
You have blessings of your god
Do something that he will ask you
What are your thoughts


Remove all the fog of your fears
Make your power as your main weapon
Destroy all your goals and show the world
You can repeat another arjuna

Forget all the bandages
Because your pain is your trophy
Your wet face in sweat
will be the icon of your victory

You have now answered on floor
that you are destined to be on top
leaving all the relations behind
find your way to the top
give a topic to the world
that how god have created this man
who have power of mighty swords in both his arms...

woo...o oo..o o ooo....

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